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"Once the navel cord between a human and emptiness is cut, one starts searching for what he used to.

Scatters and wears out while searching.


However, the first move is to stop. Then comes the eternity.


And Chaos appears again.

Emptiness grows and deepens.


Eternity is all about this circular motion."

In Greek Mythology, Gaia, also known as the ancestral mother of life, personifies the Earth and plays an essential role in the entire creation process. While I was doing research on a different subject, I coincidentally came across Gaia three years ago. Ever since I read about her, this mythological character and the whole narrative surrounding her made a nest in my thoughts.


In this project, I’ve tried to dwell on the stages in Gaia’s creation of the world, exploring similarities and parallelism with the circular nature of human existence.

In Gaia, the visuals Khaos & Chaos are made with AI tools and then manipulated by myself. The rest of the visuals are photographed and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.

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